Wednesday, 19 January 2011


People often ask 'what do you do?' It's not always an easy question to answer - there doesn't seem to be a title for it.
Some of the things I have been doing recently include ...
  • researching use of Feminine language about God, with the intention of writing a book of Christian worship with inclusive language
  • making pen and ink illustrations for my next book, 'The Healer's Tree,' which Iona's Wild Goose Publications is going to bring out in the early summer (hopefully)
  • talking to a community artist about the possibility of putting up an exhibition of photos I've taken, inspired by one of the Islamic Beautiful 99 Names of Allah
  • creating liturgies of  Celtic Christian influence to celebrate the 'old' holy days, in a tiny 13th century church out in the Warwickshire countryside
  • giving a series of sessions on contemplative prayer with scripture
  • learning Urdu
  • helping to co-ordinate a gathering of local Muslim and Christian women coming together for friendship and dialogue
  • talking with interesting people, including neighbours of different faiths, ministers and theologians, artists and writers ...
but most days I live quietly in the neighbourhood, being a neighbour, a mum, wife, homemaker, writer ... hopefully with time for people when they need it and time to let a contemplative lifestyle filter through. Because, a while ago it occured to me that it wasn't so much about what I do, as how and why...

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